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Transforming complex government data into compelling visuals

" DARPAN, a Dashboard for Analytical Review of Projects Across Nation, transform complex government data into compelling visuals. It gives the technical administration a tool, which is needed to deliver real-time, dynamic project monitoring without coding or programming through web services. It enhance the analytical capabilities through data collection by consolidating multiple data sources into one centralized, easy-to-access platform. It immediately identifies trends and quickly drilldowns into data to gain enhanced perspectives of the district level projects. DARPAN displays information in an objective and quantifiable way that helps the technical administration to see and understand not only its success, but also its pain points and areas in need of improvement.

DARPAN is meant to provide administration, at a glance, the status of different departmental activities with an architecture for presenting dashboard in respect to the monitoring of schemes at different level. The Important fact of the architecture of the dash board is that it has been hosted on common framework for the entire country. "

DARPAN Dashboard Features

Personalized Dashboard

Dashboard Settings

Configurable to Priortize The Important Projects.

Ministry User's Login

Ministry User's Personalized login configured to access the Dashboard.

Administrative Logins

Technical Administrator have personalized access to tinker Settings.

Periodically Updated

Constantly Improved to Provide the Best View of Services in the district.

Analytical Review

At a Glance to Drill Down Reports & Graphical Analysis of Project Statistics.

Access 24x7

Access to the Dashboard from anywhere anytime with Periodically Updated Data in Real Time.

Prioritize Statistics

Rank Pojects to View What is Crucial First.


View Dashboard From Any Device.

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